Sunshine Projects is active in the social sector in Antwerp, Belgium. Founded in 2002 we organize events and make documentary films about people.

Collaboration plays a big role in the organization which functions as an open source platform where all artistic disciplines and citizens can participate together.

A wide range of people take part in events ranging from local volunteers spreading folders and posters, helping to set up tents and stalls, making food, doing the bar etc. to professionals such as sound engineers, camera crew, lighting engineers and photographers. Age, ethnic background, education level, sex, religious beliefs etc. none of these things are an obstacle for joining or taking part in projects we organize. All our projects are socially directed and artistically inspired.

"Lets discover what we can do together".

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James King

Mobile: 0485 123 284

BERCHEM KLINKT ! Derde Aperitiefconcert - Zondag 1 februari 2015 – 11:00 Programma: Weet je nog? Een kindervoorstelling Uitvoerders: Ensemble Houthandel Antwerpen Locatie : De Vertellerij, Turkooisstraat 18,2600 Berchem Tickets : €12 //60+ €10// -26: €6 ( inclusief drankje na het concert) Reservatie via Tel 03/2868820 of Ontdek meer over programma, artiesten en locaties : Berchem Klinkt is een initiatief van Cultuurraad Berchem in samenwerking met District Berchem en Sunshine Projects vzw Veerle Simoens en Dirk Celis Cultuurraad Berchem